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Creating new, local narratives on climate change in the Bolivian Chaco

Young Indigenous journalists propose more representative coverage on climate change

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The intensified climate-change fight in Zambia

FROM the politics of bureaucracy, congestion, expenditure and side effects of chemical or artificial fertilizers constitute key issues concerning the climate change fight.

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Some farmers of Chinyunyu area in the Rufunsa District have predicted that the area will experience severe hunger due to floods that have destroyed crop fields.

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Tunisia’s climate finance initiatives, not well-targeted (Hivos study)

(TAP) - Tunisia's climate finance initiatives are not well-targeted and well-coordinated as there is a lack of clarity regarding the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders, reads a study published Wednesday by international development organisation Hivos.

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Débat sur le climat, aujourd’hui à Hammamet : La finance, le nerf de la guerre climatique

L’on se demande toujours comment faire face aux aléas du climat, alors que l’on aurait dû s’interroger sur la manière et les moyens de lutte nécessaires. Et c’est là que le financement de nos actions en la matière semble beaucoup plus judicieux.

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Reframing narratives about climate change in Bolivia’s Gran Chaco region

Why local and diverse perspectives on climate change matter.

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Tunisia Running Dry

For the past five years Abderrazzak Sibri hasn’t harvested a single olive from the 357 olive trees on his land in Sidi Mahmoud, a rural town in the province of Kairouan (central Tunisia). Sibri had planned to plant more olive trees, but lack of rain, several years of draughts and decreased ground water levels impacted production and changed his plans. “What bothers me most is that I have been investing in these trees,” he says. “When they finally reach the age in which they can produce regularly and abundantly, there is no more water to keep them growing.”

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Locally Led Climate Actions

Due to climate-smart agriculture, farmers have since recorded improved yields and guarantee produce in all seasons.

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