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Empowering Women, Bridging the Gender Gap in Climate Education: A Catalyst for Climate Justice in Luangwa District

In the Eastern Province of Zambia, Luangwa district is a region emblematic of the interconnected challenges of climate change and gender inequality. As temperatures rise and weather patterns become increasingly erratic, the impacts are felt most acutely by marginalised communities, where women and children often bear the burden of the adverse effects of climate change.

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Biupe Innovators: Youth in Mukuru Taking Lead in Locally Led Climate Solutions

Biupe Innovators is a group located in the heart of Mukuru, one of the biggest informal settlements in Africa. Started in 2011 with only 63 members, it was certified in 2012 and now has 15 active members. Despite being a small group, Biupe is known for leading locally-led solutions in their community, and the group is involved in urban farming, poultry farming, waste management, advocacy for climate change, tree planting, and community cleanups.

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Enhancing Media Reporting on Climate Change: Climate Action Narratives from Rufunsa

The urgency to comprehend and effectively communicate the complexities of climate change has never been more crucial. Climate change is one of our most pressing global challenges, demanding increased public and media attention. Media plays a crucial role in shaping public perceptions, influencing policy decisions, and fostering collective action, thereby underscoring the intricate relationship between media reporting on climate change, the power of storytelling, and the impact of field exposure on journalists in capturing locally-led climate actions.

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Climate Justice and Democratic Decision-making at COP28: what needs to change

Climate justice requires genuine participation of underrepresented groups in decision-making at all levels. The vast majority of the world’s population live in the Global South. And yet, UNFCCC processes, including COP28, have long been dominated by actors from the Global North- who represent a minority.

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Biocultural Exchange in the Paraguayan Chaco

Puerto Casado. More than 80 indigenous beekeepers, artisans, and horticulturists participated in the “Chaco/Pantanal Biocultural Exchange Days” from September 13th to 15th in Puerto Casado, Alto Paraguay.

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Women’s Empowerment Link’s mentees chosen as representatives in the Ward climate change committee County.

Knowledge is power; information is liberation, and Education is the premise of progress. This summarises a success story about the blessing of the Climate Change Coping and Adaptation Strategies among Young Women in Rusinga and Mfangano project accords through the County Climate Act 2021.

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Bolivian Youth Presents National Declaration on Climate Change

In Bolivia, the Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) was held for the fourth consecutive year, marking the most significant youth conference on climate action in various parts of the world. The event brought together over 100 young individuals from across Bolivia to craft a national declaration addressing climate change and propose an agenda for action led by the youth.

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Journalists Play an Important Role in Bringing Climate Change to the Public’s Attention

The room was filled with enthusiastic participants when C4Ledger Consortium and the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) met and held a theme discussion emphasising climate change.

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SATRIFO Application: A Tool for Forest Fire Management in Bolivia

Currently, there is a high demand for information and the use of digital technologies by technicians from municipal and departmental governments in Bolivia for the monitoring and early alert of forest fires.

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Fishermen, farmers, and breeders in Kupang City and Kupang Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, are threatened by severe winds and drought

The impact of climate change on the livelihoods and way of life of every sector within East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) society is substantial. In addition, Kupang City and Kupang Regency are currently under a drought alert and have extremely low precipitation projections. As per the results of a rapid assessment carried out by C4Ledger in two sites on September 2023, the El Nino phenomenon has significantly influenced the lives of individuals. 

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