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The programme will act in two ecoregions: Pantanal and Chaco, focusing on the transboundary region between Paraguay and Bolivia. This region has been selected due to its climate and conservation importance and the strong presence and local networks of Alliance members.

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The VCA Brazil programme focuses on the Amazon Biome and is targeting Local Amazonian communities represented by rivereins, indigenous people and quilombolas. Based on inclusiveness and gender equality, the team are specifically targeting rural and urban communities in biodiverse areas; women from social movements and youth active in climate or in adjacent fields.

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The VCA programme has identified the Jakarta, Papua and East Nusa Tenggara provinces as target areas for programme implementation. The programme will be rolled out in the three provinces to strengthen the capacity to co-create local climate solutions and amplify voices through storytelling and building the capacity of local actors.

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In Kenya, the VCA programme will focus on learning and innovation around processes to enhance both local ownership and policy influencing, including that of climate finance flows at sub-national, national and regional levels. Inclusion will drive the VCA programme to ensure no one is left behind or excluded.

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Tunisia is a mix of a desert arid climate in the south and a Mediterranean climate in the north. Many activists point to the vulnerability of Tunisia to climate change due to its water scarcity. Furthermore, coastal areas are eroding due to sea level rise. The programme in Tunisia will take into account how climate change affects various landscapes, people and groups most impacted by desertification, water scarcity, rising sea levels (coastal areas), deforestation and food security.

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VCA’s vision is to have a Zambia where civil society is heard and respected as it influences and co-creates locally relevant, inclusive and fundable climate solutions that deliver real benefits to people and nature as part of a local and global response to the climate crisis.

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VCA is set to effect the amplification of locally-shaped climate action and play a pivotal role in the global climate debate. For more information about the program, our agenda and how to collaborate with us, please contact us via info@voicesforclimateaction.org.