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Tunisia: Agricultural Land, Endangered

Agricultural lands make up 62% of Tunisia’s total surface area. But every year, over 20 million hectares of these lands disappear due to erosion and urbanisation. The social and environmental consequences of this dual phenomenon are irreversible.

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The power of South-South collaboration and peer learning: SSN’s Knowledge Partner Gathering

From 26 February to 2 March, the District 6 Homecoming Center in Cape Town was abuzz with excitement, collaboration and ideation as, for the first time, SSN, through the Voices for Just Climate Action (VCA) programme, hosted an in-person Knowledge Partners Gathering workshop with our in-country partners from Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Indonesia, Tunisia, Zambia and Kenya.

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Fighting For Tomorrow: Siliana’s Women in a Changing Climate

Tunisia is one of the countries most exposed to climatic change. This vulnerability is primarily due to the increasing scarcity of water resources, particularly groundwater, due to drought and overuse of these water resources.

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Rim Ben Soud: a woman farmer in Tunisia with initiative and solutions

Rim Ben Soud lives in Baddar village in Cap Bon, North East Tunisia. It’s a community that is mostly dependent on farming and agricultural activities. A farmer herself, Rim has become well known for founding a local women’s group for agriculture development (GDAF), and recently started her own eco-tourism project.

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