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Climate justice badly needed by the people around Lake Turkana in Kenya

Hivos was invited to visit Indigenous communities around Lake Turkana in northern Kenya. Vincent Mogaka, project officer for the Voices for Just Climate Action (VCA) programme in East Africa, saw firsthand how local communities remain neglected in the face of the climate crisis. Here’s his account of the visit.

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The Girl who Saved the Umbrella Trees

One evening on the 10th day of February 1996, Mzee Amin Hussein was counting his goats, when he heard a baby crying. He knew a baby had been born.

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A treasure of untold stories

My name is Lydia Wanjiku, CEO at Lensational. I joined Lensational in February 2015 after learning about it through a tweet by Hivos International about an organization empowering women using photography. I will tell a story of visual stories, and how these are told through the eyes of many women at the frontline of climate change.

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Young Kenyan activist fights for climate justice

Julius Mbatia is a young Kenyan climate activist. He has been pushing for years for policies that will reduce the impacts of climate change that are forcing many people in his country to earn less, live in poverty, and go hungry.

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Greening drylands in Magadi

Mana Omar is the founder of Spring of the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (SASAL) in Magadi, Kenya. SASAL is a non-governmental organization that works with pastoral communities to build climate resilience in these dry areas.

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Planting mangroves by the sea

Joyce Koech, Co-founder of the Blue Earth organization explains in the video below how her organization is combatting climate change by planting mangroves near Mombasa.

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Miti tree nursery in Nyeri County

Michael Waiyaki is the founder and CEO of the Miti Alliance, a registered social enterprise in Nyeri County, Kenya. Besides aiming to plant five million trees by 2025, their work is focused on educating the current and next generation of conservationists.

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