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The power of South-South collaboration and peer learning: SSN’s Knowledge Partner Gathering

From 26 February to 2 March, the District 6 Homecoming Center in Cape Town was abuzz with excitement, collaboration and ideation as, for the first time, SSN, through the Voices for Just Climate Action (VCA) programme, hosted an in-person Knowledge Partners Gathering workshop with our in-country partners from Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Indonesia, Tunisia, Zambia and Kenya.

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Women and youth taking up the mantle to demand gender equality and social accountability amidst climate change.

In the quest for gender equality and social justice, it is imperative to acknowledge the intertwined relationship between climate change and gender disparities.

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Women Shaping Locally Led Climate Solutions: Unveiling the Power of the Women’s Federation in Kanyama

Climate change is one of our most pressing global challenges, impacting communities, ecosystems, and economies worldwide. It requires immediate and comprehensive action at all levels of society. Amidst this challenge, women have emerged as pivotal actors in driving locally-led climate solutions. Their leadership, resilience, and innovation have proven instrumental in combating climate change while fostering sustainable development in their communities.

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Lunggi Randa, “Ratu” (Queen) of the Wundut Indigenous Forest Defender

Lunggi Randa (63 years old), is a Marapu traditional leader. Besides being a Marapu traditional leader, Lunggi Randa is also a farmer in Kambata Wundut Village, Lewa District, East Sumba District, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia.

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Local heroes through the captivating lens of ‘Climate Witness’

Step into the world of East Nusa Tenggara's local heroes through the captivating lens of 'Climate Witness', a thought-provoking documentary series by the Civil Coalition in the VCA programme

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Nardi Velasco

In a special corner of Bolivia lies the community of San Manuel, where the courage and determination of Nardi Velasco shine brightly. She has become the first cacique of the 16 indigenous communities in the municipality of Roboré, leading the Central Indígena Chiquitana Amanecer Roboré - CICHAR.

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Female empowerment through self-censuses in urban communities in Pará

Working on the topic of climate change through censuses in urban communities in the Amazon helps to discuss the topic in their daily activities, relating local situations to the global issue and bringing the discussion closer to questions of gender, income and race, since communities peripheral areas are the hardest hit by the climate crisis.

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Reflections on the UN Food Systems Summit+2 and the road to COP28 for food systems transformation

The first UN Food Systems Summit took place in 2021 and centred on transforming fragile global food systems that are failing to deliver food to all, leading to food insecurity and malnutrition.

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The Girl who Saved the Umbrella Trees

One evening on the 10th day of February 1996, Mzee Amin Hussein was counting his goats, when he heard a baby crying. He knew a baby had been born.

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Rim Ben Soud: a woman farmer in Tunisia with initiative and solutions

Rim Ben Soud lives in Baddar village in Cap Bon, North East Tunisia. It’s a community that is mostly dependent on farming and agricultural activities. A farmer herself, Rim has become well known for founding a local women’s group for agriculture development (GDAF), and recently started her own eco-tourism project.

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