VCA Project Profiles

The VCA advocates that change and climate action should be led from the bottom up, with strong local organisations representing their constituents' experiences, voices and needs. Strong local leadership and ownership are key for effective and inclusive climate action. Core to the VCA is the 180+ local community-based and non-governmental civil society coalitions and organisations sub-granted through the programme. To create a marketplace of ideas that can foster cross-pollination of learning and collaboration, a collection of project profiles have been developed to provide a snapshot of the work implemented under the VCA Alliance at the country level through local partners. The project profiles - packaged as a booklet- are a collection of information on the projects onboarded in 2022. Some of the projects may have changed or been extended, but the current version of the profiles provides a basis for the work being done and details on the local partners working in the VCA. Further versions will be created with updated information, profiles and languages.

VCA Project profiles

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VCA is set to effect the amplification of locally-shaped climate action and play a pivotal role in the global climate debate. For more information about the program, our agenda and how to collaborate with us, please contact us via

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