Women’s Empowerment Link’s mentees chosen as representatives in the Ward climate change committee County.

Knowledge is power; information is liberation, and Education is the premise of progress. This summarises a success story about the blessing of the Climate Change Coping and Adaptation Strategies among Young Women in Rusinga and Mfangano project accords through the County Climate Act 2021.

The nationwide development of the Ward Climate Change Planning Committee saw two women fronted and trained by Women’s Empowerment Link (WEL) take the seat home to join the nine-person committee to address ward-based challenges brought about by climate change. Rose M’Kauta of Murongo Women Group from Mfangano and Victorine Atieno from Rusinga from Daughters of Zion Women Group were among the Women elected to their Wards.

These were women who initially would not have envisioned themselves in such spaces. However, they have developed a strong urge for transformation in their respective wards as they took on the mantle and mandate to influence change through the passed Bill. In partnership with Akina Mama Wa Afrika under the Voices for Just Climate Action (VCA) programme, WEL ensured that women’s voices were equally heard in the decision-making spaces to advocate for climate justice in the devolved society.

WEL is a great opportunity for society to address women’s vulnerabilities in rural and low-income urban settlements by mitigating the effects of climate change and confronting other forms of injustice in the county. 

The project aims to help women disproportionately affected by climate change due to socio-economic and political marginalisation. 

Moreover, WEL has played an important role in minimising ignorance due to lack of representation. The information gap among the marginalised in society has been unnerving, especially from county governments to women at the grassroots level. However, thanks to WEL’s linkage, the flow of disseminated information has improved.

The programme has proven potent over the past year with motivated consistency in advocating for women’s inclusion and representation in climate change mitigation and decision-making spaces at the ward and county levels.


Some of the roles the committee is mandated with include coming up with the ward adaptation plan, participating in county planning and budget activities and supporting the community in developing climate change proposals.

With voted confidence, WEL nominees nominated into the Ward Climate Change Planning committee will positively impact the community, especially after WEL has been at the forefront to ensure that the people do not down their tools until the fight for climate justice is achieved.

WEL expressed their gratitude and have faith that the women will undertake the duties entrusted to them by the committee and will keep on the fight for climate justice.

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