By Inonge Sakala - WWF Zambia

In continuance of the Voices for Just Climate Action site visit, VCA Zambia Alliance Team (WWF, SSN, HIVOS & SDI) visited Chamulimba, Kanakantapa & Chalimbana ward in Rufunsa and Chongwe Districts where VCA local partner Keepers Zambia Foundation (KZF), (Civil Society for Poverty Reduction) CSPR and Kasisi Agriculture Training Center (KATC) are supporting women, youth and rural farmers within the community led #climateaction groups in their communities.

As part of the climate justice site tour, VCA local partners shared their engagements with the rural farmers who have adopted the growing diverse climate-tolerant food systems.

Photo credit: Inonge Sakala and Michael Chanda


The women of Tundusha Village, through the VCA, showcased their locally-led innovation of the traditional clay stove made using organic materials such as clay and cow dung, which is helping households rely less on firewood and charcoal for cooking each month.

Photo credit: Inonge Sakala and Michael Chanda


Through advocating to their leaders, these rural communities have been allocated a piece of land to plant trees and climate-tolerant crops and intercropping of sunflower, soya beans and popcorn, while acquiring access to funding from the Constituency Development Funds to implement their local climate solutions.

Photo credit: Inonge Sakala and Michael Chanda


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