By Inonge Sakala - WWF Zambia

In light of the dire effects of climate change within Zambia, the Voices for Just Climate Action alliance have embarked on a climate justice visit to implementation sites (Luangwa, Rufunsa, Chongwe and the Kafueflats landscape) that have been hit the hardest with regards to severe droughts, intense floods and experiences of extreme heat waves.

Zambia Roadshow map



As the programme aims to amplify rural community voices to join the debate and co-creation of climate solutions from a human rights-based approach, the teams’ first visit to Luangwa district was spearheaded by subgrant partner Zambian Governance Foundation (ZGF) to kick start the learning & sharing visit.

The team was welcomed by the community members, its traditional leadership, and the various groups that ZGF has been partnering with throughout the project in Chief Mburuma’s Chiefdom within Luangwa.

With a showcase and use of edutainment led by the rural communities, they have engaged with duty bearers and dialogue on just climate action.

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