By Inonge Sakala - WWF Zambia

As the VCA Alliance team proceed with the climate justice site visit, the Alliance team visited Chinyunyu area where rural communities have co-created an improvised structure from a natural spring on which they demonstrated how to harvest water sustainably. This has helped their livelihoods of conservation farming & fish farming.

The team later visited VCA beneficiary Mr Arthur Muleya who is now practising integrated farming and currently awaiting stock fingerings in his constructed fish pond of 11m by 20m dimension. In addition, Mr Muleya has managed to grow and cultivate sweet potatoes.



As the Alliance Team was led by VCA local partner, Climate Smart Agriculture Alliance Zambia (CSAAZ) rural community member Mrs Tezelele who is also a beneficiary of the VCA programme showcased how she is now practising integrated farming as a means of sustainable livelihood. She currently owns three (3) fish ponds, an orchard and a vegetable garden.



In an effort to fight the poverty and inequality levels caused by the effects of climate change, the VCA team so far aims to enhance rights holders’ and duty bearers’ engagements in order to move from rural communities from small-scale to large-scale sustainable livelihoods to fight poverty amidst climate change.

See the original post on VCA Zambia’s Facebook page.

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