VCA video launch: The Gran Chaco Region

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We are excited to launch a new video focussing on the Gran Chaco region.

The Gran Chaco region is South America’s largest and most biodiverse forest system after the Amazon. It is home to many different ecosystems and is key to the planet’s balance. Yet in recent years, factors such as high deforestation rates caused mainly by monoculture, cattle ranching and dramatic forest fires have revealed its fragility.

Floods and droughts have affected the Chaco region, impacting the productive systems in the area and people’s livelihoods, destroying people’s homes and putting many families’ well-being at risk.


This video not only provides insight into VCA’s work in the Gran Chaco region but also highlights an opportunity to amplify the voices of young people, women and indigenous peoples of the Gran Chaco so that the conversations about the effects of climate change in the region and its possible solutions are in line with the thoughts and feelings of those who live in the area and have a connection to the land.

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