Deep in a territory awash with local stories and experiences, a group of young indigenous people have found their voice. Trained at the School of Indigenous Journalism, these young people have learned to share the stories of their communities from a unique perspective, one that can only be understood by those who have walked the streets and talked with the people.

They are young women and men, proud of their roots and committed to their culture. They have learned to tell their experiences, their rights, and their struggles in defence of their territory through their own communication platforms, even reaching a national scope.



But their impact has not stopped there. UNESCO, the world organization dedicated to the promotion of education, science, and culture, has disseminated a video on its social networks highlighting the value of the Guarani language and the work of these young indigenous journalists.

For them, it is a dream come true to see four of their peers obtain permanent and paid positions, which will allow them to continue sharing their stories and their vision of the world with an increasingly wider audience.

These young indigenous people are an example to many, proving that the voices of local communities can be heard around the world, given the right determination and training. And as they continue to tell their stories and share their unique perspective, they are changing the world, one story at a time.

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