Photo highlights from VCA Alliance Climate Justice Tour in Zambia

By Inonge Sakala - WWF Zambia

In continuation of the VCA Alliance Climate Justice Tour, here are a few photo highlights of the great work Alliance Member - Slum Dwellers International (SDI) are working on through the just climate action programme.

Through harnessing the high population of youths living in the slums by supporting their involvement in the youth federation, Know Your City TV, a collective of youths with an interest in media are raising awareness and advocates for inclusive resilient and green cities through storytelling techniques to showcase slum dwellers as key stakeholders in just climate action.

Photos by: Inonge Sakala and Michael Chanda


The site visit was also made within George and Kanyama compound (slum area) where the youth and women federation groups collectively co-create solutions to climate change and engage duty bearers as rights holders.

The women have created solutions such as village banking, sack gardening with the use of their own compost manure (due to inadequate land space), mat weaving for sale to sustain their livelihoods and harvesting of black soldier fly to make animal feed for sale.

Photos by: Inonge Sakala and Michael Chanda


The women and youth’s call to action to duty bearers is to request help from cooperating partners to upscale their community-led initiatives and bring in more youths and women on board.


Photos by: Inonge Sakala and Michael Chanda



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