Motacusito: The value of information in the hands of women leaders

In the community of Motacusito, a group of women led an important initiative in December 2022. Thanks to studies conducted by the Puerto Suarez Monitoring Center in their community, they discovered water recharge zones that are vital for the region.

With this technical information in hand, these women took the initiative and led the request for the declaration of a protected area for part of their community, which contributed to the amplification of their voices and the conservation of these areas.

The Monitoring Center, developed and implemented by our local partner SBDA, provided valuable information on the geology, soils, slopes, and elevations of the municipality, as well as the hydrology of the watersheds. With this information, the methodology for locating water recharge areas was applied, which made it possible to identify and value these zones, which was crucial for the initiative led by the women of Motacusito.




Thanks to their courageous leadership, the community and the women’s group applied to their municipality for a natural heritage declaration and achieved the establishment of a protected area. This initiative promotes the conservation of water recharge areas and one of its caves, which is home to different species. It also seeks to promote local ecotourism and highlight the conservation work carried out by these women.

Undoubtedly, this initiative is an example of how the voices of the community, especially women, can make a difference in the conservation of our planet.



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