Eastern Indonesia Forum – FKTI 2023

On July 26-27, Yayasan Hivos and its partners Kopo Coalition, Good Food Coalition, Civil Coalition, and Adaptation Coalition, who are members of the VCA alliance Indonesia, participated in the Eastern Indonesia Forum festival. We opened a booth with various games for education related to climate change and displayed knowledge, research publications, and local food products. We also organised side events to share stories related to climate solutions based on local wisdom and justice.

VCA Indonesia’s Engaging Showcase

Immersed in the lively ambiance of FFKTI, the VCA Indonesia booth showcased the spirit of collaboration and climate awareness. An immersive experience awaited visitors, where they interacted directly with coalition members, dived into printed brochures, and absorbed insights spanning diverse programs and focus areas. Notably, a surge of interest emerged from various quarters, including the Provincial Government, nonprofit entities, and individuals – all keen on aligning with the VCA Indonesia program in NTT.


Games with a Purpose


Beyond informative exchanges, visitors delved into the playful realm of interactive games, hosted by the vibrant young minds of NTT’s communities. Trivia quizzes, image matching challenges, and puzzle-solving activities focused on climate change themes ignited curiosity and incited meaningful discussions. The games’ resonance was palpable, sparking dialogue long after participants had triumphed over the challenges. In total, more than 100 visitors thronged the VCA Indonesia booth, sowing the seeds of climate consciousness.


FFKTI’s Crossroads of Innovation

FFKTI, a celebration of innovation, resonated with purpose and vibrancy. Organized by the BaKTI Foundation, in collaboration with the Provincial Government of East Nusa Tenggara and the City Government of Kupang, FFKTI stands as a platform where diverse voices harmonize for Indonesia’s progress. The festival transcends regional boundaries, uniting stakeholders from government, media, academia, CSOs, private sectors, and the public. A tapestry of activities, including an inspiration stage, side events, local champion incubation, and cultural festivities, converge to kindle collaborative momentum.


Insightful Side Event: Amplifying Climate Wisdom

PRF’s impact extended beyond the booth into an illuminating side event. “Effective Adaptation and Justice-Based Local Wisdom Solutions” took center stage, fostering dynamic discourse. With an interactive twist, attendees embarked on a journey facilitated by a group screening of “Climate Witness.” The film segued into a captivating talk show, headlined by community figures who are nurturing change in NTT:

  1. Joni Messakh – Steward of Tanah Merah Village’s Mangroves, Kupang Regency, NTT.
  2. Lunggi Randa – Custodian of Wundut Village’s Indigenous Heritage, East Sumba Regency, NTT.
  3. Maria Mone Soge – Advocate of Local Food Resilience, Hewa Village, East Flores Regency, NTT.
  4. Lia Wanda – Representative from @murarame.hub.

Divided into themed groups – indigenous communities, environmental conservation, local food, and youth mobilization – participants absorbed personal narratives that crystallized the urgency of climate action. Maria Mone Soge’s battle to preserve local food heritage, @murarame.hub’s carbon-neutral pursuits, Lunggi Randa’s forest conservation through traditions, and Joni Messakh’s two-decade-long mangrove guardianship testified to climate dedication.

The side event, facilitated by Yurgen Nubatonis, triggered dynamic discussions among the 60+ participants. A symphony of stories and shared commitments ensued, capturing the essence of NTT’s climate journey.


As the FFKTI concluded, its echo resonates – an arena where diverse endeavors converge for Indonesia’s development symphony.

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