Dialogue among faith communities: addressing water scarcity challenges in Bolivia’s Chaco Region

In response to the growing issue of limited access to water in Bolivia, especially in rural areas, Jubileo Foundation, with the support of Avina Foundation under the framework of Voices for Just Climate Action, conducted the first series of dialogues: "Dialogue among Faith Communities of Chaco - Water for Life."

The event aimed to address threats to food security and the daily lives of inhabitants in the Bolivian Chaco region affected by water scarcity and other challenges such as deforestation and mining activities.

The dialogue brought various faith communities from the Chaco region, including churches such as Adventists, Anglicans, Catholics, and Evangelicals. It took place on October 24th and 25th at the Integral Faculty of Chaco in the municipality of Camiri, Bolivia. This initiative responded to the urgent need to address the water situation in Chaco and foster collaboration among different stakeholders to strengthen local water-related activities.




The methodology of the dialogue comprised three key moments. Firstly, the Integral Faculty of Chaco presented a study on the region’s water situation. Secondly, an exchange of experiences among faith communities, foundations, and NGOs was facilitated to reflect on environmental care, particularly regarding water. Finally, cooperation was sought to identify specific actions to enhance local initiatives.

This action represented a coordinated effort involving various stakeholders to address decreased precipitation and threats to water sources in the Gran Chaco Americano. It aimed to generate collaborative solutions to ensure sustainable access to water and promote community resilience against environmental challenges in the region.

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