Collective action to strengthen the resilience of rural women’s groups in Tunisia

In Tunisia, women's agricultural development groups have undeniable advantages, such as their territorial roots, job creation, wealth generation and essential social role in reducing inequality and poverty.

Nevertheless, these groups face financial and marketing challenges that compromise their success. In addition, they face the challenge of climate change, which impacts their operations.

The move towards greater participation and collective action within the governance of women’s agricultural development groups in Tunisia can play a key role in improving the living conditions of rural women, preserving natural resources and promoting sustainable rural development in the context of climate change.

To create a dynamic between civil society and public decision-makers, the “Gender Climate Change and Community Adaptation” (G3CA) project team has developed partnerships between the APEDDUB association and public players, notably the Tunisian National Agronomic Research Institute (INRAT), the Tunisian National Agronomic Institute (INAT), the Sidi Bouzid Regional Agronomic Research Center, the Ministry of Agriculture (in particular the rural women’s support districts) and the three Regional Commissariats for Agricultural Development in the Bizerte, Siliana and Sidi Bouzid governorates, where the project activities are being implemented.

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