Call for EOI: Voices for Just Climate Action – Kenya: Media Fellowship

Hivos, AMwA, SDI, SSN, WWF

Hivos is looking for a media-based organisation to design and implement a media fellowship programme targeting young/junior media practitioners for the VCA programme in conjunction with Hivos.

The media fellowship structure will be informed by both the media organisation’s experiences as well as Hivos’ learnings from previously implemented media fellowships.


Hivos, alongside Akina Mama wa Afrika, Slumdwellers International, South South North and WWF is currently implementing the Voices for Just Climate Action (VCA) program. The program aims to ensure that by 2025, local civil society and underrepresented groups will have taken on a central role as creators, facilitators and advocates of innovative climate solutions. Their inclusion is crucial for effective and lasting climate responses because the climate crisis is also a societal challenge with ethical and human rights aspects.

The program’s overall approach is to work with civil society to build wide societal support for locally shaped climate solutions through an inclusive and rights-based approach. This includes building a broad-based climate alliance at country level, bridging divides (urban-rural, gender, youth) that amplifies voices in new unusual ways. In addition, it will influence national and global policies and financial flows (e.g. climate finance, private sector investments) in support of these locally shaped solutions.


Hivos is looking for a media organisation experienced in media training and fellowships, and with expertise in climate change and climate justice matters to design a media fellowship in line with the VCA programme and Hivos’ specific approach within VCA. The fellowship should be designed for a maximum period of six months and should have components including but not limited to masterclasses on specific thematic areas related to change and climate justice, mentorship and support for media practitioners to create stories in the field. It is very critical that the aspect of climate justice is elaborated on clearly within the proposed structure of the media fellowship including in the stories produced.

The fellowship should be designed to target young and/or junior journalists; including unaffiliated journalists and community media journalists. In addition, the fellowship should have a geographic spread of journalists, and a combination of both urban and rural media practitioners.

Creative and innovative approaches to delivering knowledge on climate change and climate justice are highly encouraged. At least one field visit should be incorporated into the structure. If shortlisted, sites can be discussed in conjunction with Hivos based on VCA activities in Kenya.


Maximum of EUR 50,000.

Eligible costs

  • Organisational fee rate
  • Costs of training/fellowship activities (accommodation, transport, logistics)
  • Costs related to training and fellowship (external trainers, mentors etc.)
  • Storytelling support for journalists

Non-eligible costs

  • Per diem. Costs should be planned on actual basis.


  • Media fellowship curriculum
  • Journalists and media practitioners trained
  • Stories produced


This assignment is expected to take a maximum of six months. Contracting will be done this year to enable planning and further media fellowship design and co-creation for smoother implementation in 2023

Who can apply?

The selected team should meet the following requirements:

  • A good understanding of climate change and the climate justice debate in Kenya
  • Media practitioners or trainers in the team
  • Networks in the climate/science journalism space
  • Experience designing and implementing dynamic and engaging training sessions
  • Must be a media organisation (we will not consider applications from individual consultants or teams of consultants without registration due to the administrative demands of this assignment)
  • Able to implement training in Kenya


Please send your Expression of Interest with the subject “EOI: Media Fellowship” to by Friday, November 25th, 2022.

This should include a description of your understanding of the assignment, your organisational (and staff) profile, related experience, and your proposed design for this fellowship. The fellowship design should include the suggested structure and training sessions proposed, methodologies for information delivery, potential field trip site and the number of journalists targeted as well as geographical focus. The budget for the assignment should be split into professional costs and activity costs. Submit the EOI as one PDF document, including the budget.


The original Call for EOI can be found on the Hivos website.

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