Biocultural Exchange in the Paraguayan Chaco

Puerto Casado. More than 80 indigenous beekeepers, artisans, and horticulturists participated in the “Chaco/Pantanal Biocultural Exchange Days” from September 13th to 15th in Puerto Casado, Alto Paraguay.

Under the motto “Intertwining cultures and territorial management strategies to foster indigenous and rural communities resilient to the effects of climate change ”, participants sought solutions to strengthen, train, and empower organisations at the national and international levels. These organisations mainly work in areas such as handicrafts and beekeeping.



The event was organised by For Indegenous Communities (PCI), Community and sustainable development (CODES), Pantanal Honey, and KAVA, with the financial support of the Weaving the Honey Toute and Wetlands Without Border projects. In addition, the event was supported by WWF-Paraguay through its projects Voices for Just Climate Action, Life in the Paraguayan Pantanal, and Saving the Heart of South America.

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