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Imagine a region, called PACHA, where technology has become a crucial tool to prevent fires, warn about adverse weather conditions and keep communities informed and alert to any threat.

Thanks to an early warning and risk management system based on monitoring centres, 5 municipalities and 6 internet connection antennas, the communities can access vital information for their survival.

This technology has allowed the inhabitants of PACHA to know the weather, the presence of fires or floods, deforestation, and other environmental threats at any time of the day. All this thanks to the environmental and territorial monitoring centres, which function as eyes and ears in the territory and detect any abnormal situation early.




But not only that, these internet connection antennas have transformed the lives of the most remote communities, which previously had no access to information and education. Now, they can act and alert to unforeseen events that reach their communities. In addition, the monitoring centers have enabled municipalities to generate their own thematic maps according to their needs, which has facilitated their annual planning.

One of them is Karapari in the Chaco Cruceño, where more than 100 people longed to access their human rights and defend their natural resources. But how could they do this without valid identification documents?

This was a big challenge as most of them did not have access to the technology and resources needed to obtain their ID card or DNI. That was until the arrival of the antenna with internet connectivity. This antenna changed things forever. It allowed the inhabitants of the Karapari community to access the online carnetización system, which meant a big step towards obtaining their rights. For the first time, they could obtain their identification documents without having to travel long distances to the nearest town. This initiative was possible thanks to the network of monitoring centers installed in the PACHA region, which enabled internet connection in the Karapari community.



This early warning and risk management system has been vital for the survival of the PACHA communities, who have learned to coexist with technology and have found it to be an invaluable tool for their well-being and safety. Most impressively, it is becoming an extensive network in the Chaco-Pantanal of Bolivia and Paraguay, which means that more and more people will be able to benefit from this technology.

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