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Climate Finance Solutions

Climate Finance

Climate finance refers to local, national or transnational financing that seeks to support mitigation and adaptation actions to address climate change. Through our stories, we aim to highlight the importance of climate finance in the climate change space.

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Droughts and Floods

Droughts, floods, extreme temperatures and prolonged dry spells threaten the livelihoods of those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Listen to our voices as they share how they are impacted, their local solutions and calls to action.

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Locally Shaped Climate Solutions

Our Voices aim to amplify climate solutions that are locally (co-)developed, shaped or supported by citizens and civil society in a way that effectively and appropriately addresses their fundamental rights and needs.

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Movement Building Stories

VCA Movement

VCAs movement component aims to connect the collaborative efforts of and amplify, diverse civil society movements and local innovative solution providers working to tackle the climate crisis.

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Water theme

Water and climate

Access to safe and sufficient drinking water is a human right. Communities that are especially affected by climate change face many challenges regarding water management. Our stories highlight the importance of access to this precious resource.

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VCA is set to effect the amplification of locally-shaped climate action and play a pivotal role in the global climate debate. For more information about the program, our agenda and how to collaborate with us, please contact us via info@voicesforclimateaction.org.

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