A Word of Justice on World Environment Day

This year’s world environment day theme #OnlyOneEarth was the same as the 1972 Stockholm Conference when the United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP) was established. Is it not baffling how the same theme used then, applies today? Does this imply that we have not made any progress to solving our environmental crisis?

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Interview with Bolivian agroecological producer

Nelly is one of the certified agroecological producers of Cochabamba that joined our Agrecol Trees project. As a leader of the farming community “Cercado”, Nelly coordinated the distribution of 50 plants to the community members of the two city districts of Taquiña and Tirani.

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A parks second chance

The historical Kamukunji Park is being transformed by a community based organisation (CBO) called Kamukunji Environment Conversation Champions.

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Roadmap to COP27

This infographic summarises the 2nd Dialogue Session designed to co-produce a roadmap for the movement-building component to COP27.

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Mobilizing finance for local climate change solutions

Local communities are expected to be most affected by the impacts of climate change owing to a lack of adaptive capacity.

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Global reflection from local lens: Post-COP26

On 8 December, VCA organised a dialogue session between leaders of local community-based initiatives and movements from Kenya, Ghana, Bolivia and the Netherlands.

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Bolivian Agroecology and Social Tree-Planting to Tackle the Climate Crisis

Agroecology is a “more than sustainable” farming type. It is a type of regenerative farming because rather than merely preserving, it aims to increase the environmental, social, and economic resources of future generations, and, in practice, it represents a concrete action to tackle the climate crisis.

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Making global climate finance work for local solutions

How to mobilize climate finance is one of the key recent debates sparked by the climate crisis. The first step is to recognize that not all countries bear the same responsibility for the crisis, nor are they equally able to respond to it.

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Voices for Just Climate Action Brazil

Representatives of Amazon and Chaco populations explain why it is essential to listen to and consider local voices in decision-making processes and in the implementation of climate solutions in their territories.

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Power of Voices Intro video

The Voices for Just Climate Action (VCA (formerly referred to as the Power of Voices))* programme is a lobby and advocacy programme implemented by a global alliance including Akina Mama wa Afrika, Avina, Hivos, SDI, SouthSouthNorth (SSN), and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Netherlands

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Learn more about what our partners are doing on the ground

Join voices for just climate action

VCA is set to effect the amplification of locally-shaped climate action and play a pivotal role in the global climate debate. For more information about the program, our agenda and how to collaborate with us, please contact us via