Five local voice key messages for the UN Water Conference

During a multistakeholder event on Thursday, March 2, 2023, WWF-Netherlands aligned local input from the Voices for Just Climate Action network with know-how from the Dutch stakeholder field.

A group of 32 diverse actors involving CSOs, policymakers, youth, and researchers, proposed solutions of ways to enhance the impact of Locally Led Adaptation (LLA) in the Water sector based on the presented challenges of Global South CSOs and LLA practices.

Five key messages were formulated that connect with the local realities on the ground. Participants will take forward the key messages and discussions through their networks at the UN Water Conference and after. 

The illustration shows the five key messages and the process of collective reflection at the multistakeholder event.



Key messages

The following key messages for both governments and CSOs were gathered from the discussion.

  1. Achieve 360o accountability of a community of actors that go beyond donor demands and provide traceability.
  2. Achieve flexibility in Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Set standards for assessments that focus on iterative, long-term processes.
  3. Invest in locally determined priorities and needs of impacted communities considering diverse vulnerabilities.
  4. Develop/Support structures for the development of solutions in connection with non-state community actors, governments, and knowledge institutions.
  5. Adopt a systems approach that forces us to look holistically at water and engage with diverse stakeholders such as in agriculture, infrastructure etc.

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