Women in the Gran Chaco region

In the heart of the Gran Chaco Americano, in 40 isolated communities, lives a population of resilient and struggling women who face multiple challenges in their daily lives. But thanks to an innovative project supported by Redes Chaco and the Women's Collective, these women are receiving a fundamental tool for change: connectivity.

This project is bringing internet to more than 5,000 women in 40 remote communities, enabling them to strengthen their organizations, adapt to climate change and scale innovation in the region. In addition, these telecenters are managed by rural women, which has a direct impact on empowering women and improving opportunities for their families.

The telecenters are equipped with state-of-the-art digital tools and allow for online training workshops, facilitating training in digital literacy processes and market strategies. This means that women can apply this knowledge in their productive initiatives and improve their ability to generate income for their families.




VAC’s support has been key in this process, providing visibility to the work of women’s groups in 5 isolated communities in the Chaco region, strengthening their skills and knowledge in areas such as email, Zoom, social networks, business plans, and marketing, among others.

The public-private initiative behind this project aims to ensure access to connectivity in the Chaco region to strengthen digital tools that can prevent the effects of climate change and facilitate the process of climate adaptation. In addition, it is recognized that connectivity is a fundamental human right, especially for women, who suffer the most from the lack of internet access in rural areas. This project is proof that when women have access to tools and resources, they can transform their lives and those of their communities. And in the heart of the Gran Chaco Americano, these women are leading the way to a more just and equitable future for all.

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