Strengthening the conservation of protected areas in Bolivia: Leaders for Life Network

The National Service of Protected Areas (SERNAP) has introduced the "Regulation of the Leaders for Life Network Project" in a joint coordination proposal with the Foundation for the Development of the National System of Protected Areas (FUNDESNAP). The project, submitted by the SERNAP Planning Directorate, aims to strengthen the conservation and promotion efforts of the country's protected areas.

The initiative arises within the framework of Administrative Resolution No. DE-078/2023, which establishes the need to promote actions that contribute to the conservation of Bolivia’s natural heritage and biodiversity, as well as to improve the quality of life of the local and regional population.

The regulation of the “Leaders for Life Network” project primarily aims to establish a national network of park ranger leaders, composed of 46 leaders from the 23 nationally designated protected areas. These leaders will be responsible for generating awareness, positioning, and fundraising campaigns to strengthen conservation units.

The Leaders for Life Network’s functions include conducting awareness and consciousness-raising campaigns about the importance of protected areas, promoting their conservation, and ensuring the population’s shared responsibility for their care.

Additionally, the Network will work on positioning campaigns to highlight the strategic value of protected areas in the country’s development, and on fundraising campaigns to obtain funds and support from the population on specific conservation-related issues.

The implementation of the regulation of the “Leaders for Life Network” project will be carried out by the Planning Directorate, the Administrative Directorate of SERNAP, and the Directorates of the Protected Areas involved in the project.

With this initiative, SERNAP and FUNDESNAP reinforce their commitment to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in Bolivia, promoting the active participation of the population in protecting our natural protected areas.

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