SATRIFO Application: A Tool for Forest Fire Management in Bolivia

Currently, there is a high demand for information and the use of digital technologies by technicians from municipal and departmental governments in Bolivia for the monitoring and early alert of forest fires.

This led the Amigos de la Naturaleza Foundation, with the support of the Avina Foundation under the framework of Voices for Just Climate Action, to enhance the SATRIFO application through a diagnosis and analysis of needs in municipalities, protected areas, and prioritised volunteer firefighting groups.

During this phase of implementing the SATRIFO application, the enhancements focused on achieving a more intuitive, user-friendly interface with advanced tools for mapping and generating reports in areas of interest. These improvements are designed to meet the needs of operational users, such as firefighters, park rangers, and field technicians.

After completing these enhancements, multiple in-person training sessions were conducted on using mobile tools for detecting and preventing forest fires, reaching a considerable number of participants. Attendees included community firefighters, voluntary forest firefighting groups, Chiquitano Indigenous Centers, protected areas, government entities, educational institutions, and environmental organisations.

Furthermore, a freely accessible virtual training platform was developed, offering a series of practical studies through tutorial videos covering topics like forest fire prevention, monitoring, and navigation to address these types of emergencies.


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