PBACC Prioritises Interorganisational Collaboration to Impact Climate Action

The Platform for Action Against Climate Change (PBACC) has announced its priority focus for the current year: coordinating with other youth organisations and gathering input to strengthen its current program, with the purpose of influencing other spaces of climate decision-making.

PBACC representatives highlighted the importance of collaborating with other entities to expand their impact in the fight against climate change. This alliance is expected to not only strengthen PBACC’s participation in the upcoming COP in Belén but also broaden its influence in other areas of climate decision-making at the local, national, and international levels.

“We are determined to work closely with other youth organisations and NGOs to gather inputs that strengthen our current programme,” stated Maria Fernanda Zeballos, Secretary of International Relations of the PBACC. “Our ultimate goal is to influence various spaces of climate decision-making, including the COP in Belén.”

To achieve this objective, PBACC plans to organise virtual meetings and events that facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences among different organisations. These meetings are expected to provide valuable insights and perspectives that contribute to improving the program of the Local Conference of Youth (LCOY).

“We are committed to making the most of this opportunity to strengthen our participation in the COP in Belén and to influence other spaces of climate decision-making,” added Mónica Raquel Curtiñez, National Deputy Coordinator of PBACC. “We firmly believe that collaboration and coordination are fundamental to achieving a significant impact in the fight against climate change.”



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