Livestream event: WWF-NL shares local voices for dialogue with Dutch stakeholders

WWF-Netherlands aligns local input from the network of Voices for Just Climate Action with know-how from the Dutch stakeholder field during a Multi-Stakeholder event on Thursday, March 2, 2023.

The key takeaways and important messages from the event will be carried forward to the UN Water Conference in New York later in March. People who are interested in the dialogues can follow the talks and panel discussions via the livestream from 9:20am CET.

Dialogue and concrete asks

The presented challenges of Global South CSO’s and Locally Led Adaptation-practices are the basis for the program during the day. Practitioners in CSOs and NGOs, policymakers and funders in the Netherlands listen to these local voices. This will directly feed into conversations during panel sessions that are connected to themes such as climate finance, social justice, and gender equality, all inextricably linked to climate justice. The dialogue will have a particular focus on the voice of youth.

At the end of the day, WWF-NL leaves with three concrete asks for the Water Conference, co-developed by the various stakeholders.

Connect with local reality

Barbara Nakangu, Programme Manager WWF-NL Voices for just Climate Action: “Local people and communities in the Global South are taking the lead in determining what climate issues they solve and how they do so. They are best to know, and we can learn from their knowledge, and experience to succeed in Locally Led Adaptation. We want to bring their voice to the UN Water Conference and make change happen. With this event, WWF-NL tries to ensure that the LLA-recommendations of the Dutch stakeholders on an international stage connect with the local realities on the ground.”

Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue




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