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From 22-24 March the world's governments, knowledge institutes and civil society will come together at the UN headquarters in New York to work on a shared water action agenda that should strengthen global commitments on achieving the SDGs.

Access to safe and sufficient drinking water is a human right. Especially communities affected by climate change face many challenges regarding water management. Climate change is altering and intensifying the global water cycle, with some regions seeing more intense rainfall and others more intense drought. It is increasingly exposing large segments of the world’s population to significant water-related hazards.

VCA stresses that it is important for countries to incorporate water security and climate resilience strategies into development plans. Resilience varies according to local conditions, cultures, ecosystems, industries and impacts. One community may need early warning systems, another to diversify its crops, and another to restore its mangroves.

Communities are producing locally tailored ways to help them adapt to the impacts of climate change and thrive despite worsening droughts, floods, diseases, heat, cold, storms and other changes. The challenge is how to bridge the need to support, scale-up and finance this on-the-ground work with the need to build climate resilience at a global scale, urgently.




Locally Led Adaptation approaches to achieving water security: examples and lessons from local implementation


WHEN: 22 March 2023, 11:00-12:30 New York time (EDT)


The Voices for Just Climate Action Alliance (VCA) together with the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) and the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)  hosted an online side event during the UN Water Conference 2023.

This event aimed to build on the ongoing dialogue around implementing the Locally-Led Adaptation (LLA) agenda, which was a focus of much engagement at COP27. The virtual session focussed on concrete lessons learnt for advancing LLA in the water sector. It highlighted the potential for locally-led solutions to build climate resilience across several countries and regions.






Mr Guido Cortez Franco – CERDET

Download Guido’s presentation

Ms Ritu Bharadwaj – IIED

Download Ritu’s presentation

Mr Salem Ben Salma – la Recherche

Download Salem’s presentation

Mr Bert de Bievre – FONAG – Fund for the Protection of Water, Ecuador

Download Bert’s presentation

Ms Dorice Bosibori – Slum Dwellers International (SDI) -affiliated Kenyan Slum Dwellers Federation

Download Dorice’s presentation

Marcela Añez Gomez de la Torre – WWF Bolivia

Download Marcela’s presentation

Nardy Velasco – Chiquitanian Indigenous Central Amanecer Roboré (CICHAR)

Download Nardy’s presentation

Maria Mone SogeHewa Village, East Flores District Indonesia

Download Maria’s presentation


View videos and presentations from the SSN VCA Knowledge Drop session, which took place in the lead-up to the UN Water Conference event.

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