International Environment Day Protest Rally

Saber Ammar - Hivos

On the occasion of International Environment Day on June 5th, the Ministry of Environment of Tunisia aimed to celebrate and showcase its environmental commitment.

However, the reality painted a different picture. In response to this, diverse groups, including the Stop Pollution movement Holoul team, the Cave and the Hivos-VCA team, came together to organise a press conference at the National Syndicate of Tunisian Journalists.

Photo credit: Khouloud Hamrouni


The primary objective of this conference was to shed light on the true state of environmental issues in the country and the social crises associated with them. Moreover, the event aimed to critically analyse the policies that have thus far failed to address these pressing problems effectively.

Following the press conference, the grassroots movement, Stop Pollution, organised a protest in front of the Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Energy to draw attention to the government’s failure to address industrial, air, and waste management issues effectively. This event brought together various other movements and groups such as The Cave, SOUTKOM, EL MOUVMA, Hivos-VCA team and progressive and human rights activists to amplify their demands for change. With banners, chants, and impassioned speeches, the demonstrators voiced their concerns over the detrimental impact of these environmental issues on both the environment and public health. They emphasised Tunisia’s urgent need for environmental and climate justice and called for stronger regulations, enforcement, and sustainable solutions.


Photo credits: Montassar Seinkez


The protest served as a poignant display of public frustration and the determination of activists to push for change. By taking to the streets and making their voices heard, these environmental activists sought to hold the government accountable for its environmental commitments and demand more robust action to address pressing issues. The protest aimed to raise awareness among the general public and draw attention to the urgent need for transformative policies and practices prioritising environmental sustainability and social well-being.


Photo credit: Safe Zarrouki


The collective efforts of these diverse groups and activists reflect a growing momentum for change in Tunisia. By organising the press conference to expose the true state of environmental issues and subsequently staging the protest, they demonstrated their commitment to addressing environmental challenges, demanding justice, and advocating for a sustainable and equitable future. These actions represent a strong call to action for the government and all stakeholders to take meaningful steps towards environmental protection and social justice.

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