Early warning and risk management systems network

Deep within the earth, where ancestral secrets and stories of the past intertwine, a powerful and essential network emerges that has woven its invisible threads into the PACHA landscape. This network, a symphony of technology and humanity, is known as the Early Warning and Risk Management Systems Network.

In the days when remote communities were isolated by distance and lack of information, a quiet transformation was underway. As monitoring centers stood as modern-day guardians and internet-connected antennas rose as beacons of knowledge, a new dawn unfolded before the astonished eyes of the people who inhabited these forgotten lands.

In 2022, news of unexpected events still reached Roboré, especially as fires devoured its forest or encroachments threatened its territories, these were still like distant whispers that barely reached the ears of the most remote communities. Now, however, like leaves in the wind, they can carry their concerns and warnings through the invisible paths of technology, resounding like a battle cry that awakens those who watch over the safety of their homes.

That same year in the community of San Lorenzo, a quiet place at the foot of Roboré, one day the water disappeared. The pipes that carried this vital resource were devoured by a raging fire, leaving the community worried. But during this crisis, a beacon of hope arose in the form of an antenna rising into the sky. The inhabitants, thanks to this connection, sent a message through the network, as a desperate call to those attending the GAM Roboré monitoring center.

The news of the emergency traveled quickly, and the authorities received the message. With diligence and purpose, a coordinated response was deployed. A cistern of drinking water arrived, mitigating the thirst, and alleviating the suffering of the community. The working hands of authorities and inhabitants joined to restore what had been lost, to heal the wounds of the scorched earth and restore vitality to the heart of San Lorenzo.




This network of technological wonders and human solidarity has become the beating heart of many communities. However, it is but the beginning, as the days unroll, the Network of Early Warning and Risk Management Systems continues to spread its roots, weaving its fabric into the very fabric of the PACHA landscape. And as it moves forward, it brings with it the promise of a future where knowledge and action merge, protecting these communities and the natural wonders they call home.

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