COP das Baixadas: The Amazon peripheries at the center of the climate debate

COP das Baixadas is holding its second edition, and, this time, interpretation to English and Spanish will be available in some panels! Don't miss out on the discussion!

The COP das Baixadas is an advocacy movement with climate education and cultural activities, strengthening narratives in defense of the Amazon, climate justice, and social justice for the territories. It’s a network for thinking and building together towards COP 30 in Belém do Pará, focusing on defining and strengthening issues related to climate justice of the urban peripheries of the Amazon.

In 2024, the second edition will include international guests from Bolivia and Paraguay. Three panels will have interpretation to English and Spanish.



Friday, 15 March, 15h00 (Brasília time), 14h00 (Bolivia), 20h00 (GMT+2)

Opening panel: The Escazú Agreement and the Defense of Democracy in Latin America and the Caribbean: Perspectives from the Peripheries of the Amazon

Saturday, 16 March, 14h00 (Brasilia Time), 13h00 (Bolívia), 19h00 (GMT+2)

Round Talk: – Ancestral Solutions: Existing Territorial Movements in Spaces of Resistance

18h00 (Brasília Time), 17h00 (Bolívia), 23h00 (GMT+2)

Round Talk: Women on the Frontline in Combating the Climate Crisis and Defending the Environment


Live transmission:

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