COP das Baixadas gathers debates, leisure, art and activism in the Belém and in the Amazon

In the city where COP 30 is taking place, in 2025, a coalition of popular movements from the peripheries of Belém and the region held the second edition of COP das Baixadas, an advocacy movement to strengthen narratives in defence of the Amazon, climate justice, and social justice for the peripheral territories and its populations.

The conference (or ‘deconference’, as it is referred to sometimes) is an effort to bring together the perspectives of the peoples of the Amazon in their plurality of ways of life in order to claim their rights and to collectively think and build the conference they want in the Amazon.

During three days (two online and one in-person), from 15 to 17 of March, COP das Baixadas’ second edition raised discussions about the Escazú Agreement for protecting environmental defenders, popular communication challenges, women in the frontline of combating climate change, environmental racism and many other topics. The in-person day also offered workshops on many different topics, leisure and artivism activities and music and popular culture presentations, just to mention a few of the interventions.



This edition also marked the participation of international guests from VCA Bolivia and Paraguay, and offered three panels with interpretation to English and Spanish, connecting movements from the Global South.

To know more about COP das Baixadas, access, follow them on Instagram and on YouTube.

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