3rd edition of Megafone Activism Awards

The third edition of the MEGAFONE ACTIVISM AWARD 2024 takes place in March and April 2024. It is an initiative of the Megafone Coalition, composed of the organisations Pimp My Carroça, Instituto Socioambiental (ISA), Engajamundo, Sumaúma Jornalismo and Associação Intercultural de Hip-Hop Urbano da Amazônia (AIHHUAM).

One of the biggest challenges in Brazil today is combating the regression of environmental policies, high rates of deforestation, and wildfires, among other climate impacts. The same applies to social issues. With the weakening of these policies and the growth of opposing forces, we understand that strengthening organised civil society is crucial, and activism emerges as one of the most important tools we have to prevent setbacks and ensure rights.



The Megafone Award aims to increase the visibility of activist actions, fostering activism as a catalyst for social transformation and the emergence of new agents in activism, especially young people and women, in the debate and action against the climate crisis and related causes. The award helps legitimise activism, both in urban centres and in digital spaces, with a primary focus on socio-environmental activism, but not limited to it.

The 60 nominees for the 14 categories are being announced on Megafone’s social media. 

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