Local heroes through the captivating lens of ‘Climate Witness’

Step into the world of East Nusa Tenggara's local heroes through the captivating lens of 'Climate Witness', a thought-provoking documentary series by the Civil Coalition in the VCA programme

This series delves into the remarkable initiatives taken by the region’s residents in response to climate change, showcasing their innovative practices in adaptation and mitigation.

Unveiling the journeys of four extraordinary individuals



Joni Messakh: Mangrove Maven

Meet Joni Messakh from Tanah Merah, whose impactful actions have transformed 145 hectares of land into a thriving mangrove ecosystem. Beyond offering a shield against climate change impacts, these mangroves have become a vital source of livelihood for local communities.


Yasinta Adoe: Guardian of the Sea

Yasinta Adoe, a seaweed fisherman hailing from Pasir Panjang, Kupang City, is a fierce protector of her environment and livelihood. Collaborating with her community, Yasinta battles the challenges of climate change, fostering a resilient coastal ecosystem.


Selia Nangi: Education Advocate

In the village of Mbatakapidu, East Nusa Tenggara, Selia Nangi is igniting change through education. As a beacon of hope, Selia’s ‘rumah baca’ (reading house) initiative empowers young minds, underscoring the belief that early education can set the stage for transformative change.


Lunggi Randa: Cultivating Traditions

Lunggi Randa, a traditional leader and farmer, artfully blends modern life with ancestral customs. His harmonious approach to utilizing local resources pays homage to cultural heritage while embracing sustainable practices.


With a total runtime of 60 minutes, ‘Climate Witness’ is not just a documentary; it’s a catalyst for action across Indonesia’s diverse landscapes. Aspiring to inspire, the series encourages tailored responses to climate challenges while emphasizing the urgency of collaborative efforts in accelerating adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Witness the resilience, dedication, and innovation of East Nusa Tenggara’s climate champions – a reminder that change is possible when we work together.

Watch their inspirational stories on Youtube @coaction.id

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